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I have always loved fashion. I love wearing the latest trends and looking polished and put together. From my hair to my makeup to my outfit, purse and shoes. I enjoy looking great. It makes me feel confident and powerful.

It’s not about getting attention. It’s not about what others think of me. I don’t need others to look at me and I don’t need the compliments (Although they are nice). But it’s definitely about how I feel when I know that I look nice.

shapewear bodysuit from mirror essentials

The problem, however, is that a lot of what is in style and in the height of fashion is really tight. Dresses, pants and pencil skirts that hug your body and leave little room for hiding out in. And let me just say, I love the look! I love a slim fitting dress that shows off the curves.

But let’s be honest! Few people can confidently pull those off! We all have little areas that are not perfect. Little bumps and rolls. A bit of a pouch in the tummy or a little cellulite in our rear. It doesn’t make us any less of a person, it just makes us human. However, we just don’t want to show that much human to the rest of the world!

So, what’s my secret? MirrorEssentials Shapewear of course! Specifically, I love shapers that work for my tummy, legs and butt. But you have to be careful with them! Getting the wrong one can be a disaster! If it doesn’t fit right or if it’s not made well, it can create really awkward bulges and flatten areas that should not be flattened.

That’s why getting the right shapewear is crucial! And I have found my very favorite! The high waisted shaper shorts from Mirror Essentials. They are shapers that cover everything from your tummy down to your thighs.

This bad boy has 7 targeted compression zones, including the tummy, so that you get an amazing figure. It flattens your tummy, squeezes your thighs and lifts your glutes to create a really nice hourglass shape.

On top of the great way you will look in them, it’s the great way you will feel in them! The High Waisted Shaper Shorts are so soft that they will feel like a second skin. It won’t itch or scratch, in fact, you won’t even notice it!

Even more, not only will you not notice it, but no one else will either! The garment has a seamless design that will be unnoticeable under whatever clothes you wear. Hello! No more panty lines!

I seriously love this piece. I have a couple in black and a couple in nude, because I wear them all the time. I feel seriously naked without them! They’re really well made too and even with all the wearing and washing they still look, feel and fit great.

Not only is this my favorite underwear, but the site where I bought them is also great. Very clearn, easy to buy, and at a great price! Be sure to check out this shapewear and many of the others they have at Mirror Essentials so you can always look and feel great!


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