Get sensual lips using lipstick

Lips should be lined with a lipstick. Using a lip brush, color with the selected shade and finish with a gloss application.

In a recent poll conducted by a women’s magazine, twenty-three percent of the men interviewed said that a woman’s first attraction is her smile. In the same survey, 48 percent said they preferred women with a natural lip tone to no lipstick. It’s easy to create the look of a natural, sexy mouth, especially with a lipstick and lip brush.

Always keep lips protected with a lip conditioner or lipstick. I like to use a lip conditioner immediately before applying lipstick. Vegetable oils are wonderful ingredients to look for in a conditioner. These emollients help soften even the driest lips.

how to use lipstick

Before applying any cosmetics it is important that the area above the upper lip is free of excessive hair, in order to have a clean lip line. Also before applying lip liner, I sometimes define the beak of the upper lip with a light beige lipstick. This is an optional step that you can practice at night.

Before coloring, make sure your mouth is covered with base and dust, a precaution that will keep your lipstick from running and help it last longer. The base will also hide the natural lip line, allowing you to draw your lips thinner or thicker if necessary.

You should buy the shade of lip liner that is closest to the natural color of your lips. It should also look like the lipstick tone you use. I have discovered that a reddish brown tone covers both aspects. On lipsticks, it seems that no one brand is better than another; so don’t spend a fortune when you buy it. Just make sure it’s not too dry and keep it sharp.

For a very natural appearance, draw the line precisely on the line of your lips, you can make small or thin lips look larger by following the natural contour of your mouth slightly outside the natural line. You can also create the illusion of thinner lips by drawing the line just inside your natural contour. If you draw the lip line too different from your own, you may look like a clown.

Britt Ekland is a perfect example of a woman with thick, sensual lips. Actually, it’s one of its most attractive features. Britt doesn’t need to minimize the thickness of her lips, but she uses a pale shade of lipstick to smooth the appearance.

Avoid drawing the upper lip too pointed. Ideally, the highest point of the curve is directly below the center of each nostril.

Women look too makeupy when their lipstick is too shiny or too dark. A mouth with a subtle tone always gives the impression of little makeup. Reserve a more pronounced mouth for special occasions, dim lights or when you want to look fashionable.

When selecting the color of your lipstick, you don’t need to match your blush or eye shadow, but try to coordinate the tones. Peach lipstick looks weird with plum eye shadow or pink blush; but pink lipstick, pink blush and plum eye shadow complement each other. On the contrary, it is disconcerting to see a woman wearing an orange dress and red lipstick. Redheads should avoid pale pink lipsticks and fuchsia color; orange tones of red are better for them.

Remember, glossy lipsticks tend to make the mouth more prominent and dark tones usually accentuate it. A very dark red or dark brown can make thick lips look even thicker and thinner.

Experiment with the colors for your lips. Try mixing one tone over another. If your new red lipstick is too bright, you can reduce it by using it up or down a brown or beige shade. Applying a layer of yellow lipstick underneath another shade will prevent it from turning purple. Also, avoid orange tones, because they tend to make teeth look yellow.

Even though I’m not a fan of mother-of-pearl lipsticks, they have a purpose. A pearly shade on a matt color can act as an illuminator, making the lips look thicker. You can achieve the same effect by mixing pure white lips color in the center of the lower lip, which makes it appear thicker.

My favorite type of lip color is lipstick and I prefer to use a brush to apply it. The brush not only makes it easier to define the shape of the mouth, but also allows you to control the amount of color. Retractable brushes, available with salon suppliers, work very well and never drip. Just make sure the bristles are short and firm.

Fill your lined lips with lip color, extending just up to the line, but not beyond it, because the liner will prevent the lipstick from running. It is not necessary to dry your whole mouth by pressing the lips on a facial handkerchief; this removes too much color. If you want to remove some color, gently pat the lips with a facial handkerchief.

Some tips for lip color:

“To make the color last longer, use your lip liner pencil to color both lips, then mix with the fingertip.

“Impregnate your lip brush with paint on the sides of the lipstick, in long, soft strokes. This way, your pencil will keep the shape.
“For a dull appearance, apply the lipstick, pat softly with a facial handkerchief, apply some translucent powder, add more lipstick and repeat the powder, finishing with a new layer of lipstick. The result is a long lasting application with a matt finish.
“If your lipstick breaks, heat the ends on a flame until it starts to melt, then squeeze the ends together and let it cool in the refrigerator.

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