Best Moves to Flatten Your Tummy

It used to be that humans had to work hard in order to get through life. We used to have to hunt and gather our food and as we become settled, we worked very hard to get jobs done. Everything from planting and harvesting the food that we ate, to the everyday tasks of them home, to getting from one place to another required a lot of work.

how to get a flat tummy

In the modern age, however, we have become rather sedentary. We are not required to put too much effort into our everyday life, because we now rely on machinery, appliances and technology to do what at one point required a lot of effort. For this reason, we have become fatter and more out of shape.

Working out, therefore, is a necessity in order to stay healthy and look good. One of our hardest areas to keep looking trim, however, is our abdominal area. It requires a good diet, and plenty of exercise. However, if you want a flat tummy, it requires specific exercises to get your tummy flat.

Here are our favorites:


Planks are one of the best exercises for not just your abs, but her entire core, upper body and even legs. They require you to stabilize your entire body and use muscles groups from your entire body. And unlike when you do abs, it pulls your muscles in, instead of building them out.

How to do a Plank

Start off on the floor on your knees. Place your arms below your shoulders and stretch out your legs behind you. Tighten your core and keep a straight line from the top of your head down to
Your feet. Hold it for at least 20 seconds and build up until you can hold it for a minute.

Side Planks

Just like regular planks, they work many different muscle groups, but put a special emphasize on your obliques and sides.

How to do a Side Plank

Begin in the regular plank position and twist your body to the side and lift up your right arm so that you put all of your weight on your bottom (left) leg and arm. Make sure you contract your core muscles and create a straight line. Hold this position for 5 to 10 seconds and then gently go back to the starting plank position. Repeat for the other side.

Pike and Extension

This exercise works out your core, especially your lower abs, and your legs. It’s a great exercise, because your lower abs are one of the hardest areas to target with exercise and for women especially, this is often a problem area.

How to do the Pike and Extension

Lay on your back. Lift your legs above the floor while keeping them straight and stretch your arms trying to reach your legs while contracting your ab muscles. Slowly lower your legs back down to the ground and take your arms back over your head.


Knee ups also target your lower abs. This exercise can be done while laying on the floor, or preferably, while suspended from a pull up bar.

How to do Knee-Ups

Prop yourself up on a pull up bar and lift your knees up to your chest while contracting your ab muscles. You can then gently take your legs back down. As you become more proficient in this exercise, you can straight out your legs and lift them up as high as you can take them while having them completely straight.


A great exercise for working out your entire core, back and sides. This is also a calorie buster, which is really important when you want to lose belly fat! It will burn a lot of calories, get your heart rate activated, and work every single muscle in your body.

How to do a burpee

Start off in a pushup position and explosively jump up in the air and land back into a pushup position. Keep every single muscle contracted as you go through this exercise.

With the above described exercises, you can quickly go through a thorough ab routine that will leave your tummy flat, strong and lean. You will never have to do another crunch of sit-up again!

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