About the contraindications of birdseed

It is true that this is a seed has extraordinary properties that favor health, and that are one of the best secrets of naturists and vegetarians. However, there are also contraindications of birdseed, which must be taken into account to prevent undesirable reactions. The following are the situations in which they may present undesirable reactions.birdseed diet

Alpiste for human consumption

There is a variety of birdseed intended for birds which is not recommended for the human body. And this is for good reason: seed intended for birds contains silica fibers, which may have carcinogenic effects that do not affect feathers.

And, why are not these affected by this risky component? Birds consuming seeds with their beaks leave aside the shell, that is where the silica fibers are located. In contrast, humans by swallowing the birdseed completely do not run on this benefit.

For this reason special birdseed is produced for human consumption, which does not present this risk at all. Some people claim that poultry can be cleaned so that this component can be cleaned of its structure. But given the risk involved in direct consumption, it is best not to try this grain at all and use the one that is suitable for the intake by the people

Other contraindications of birdseed

If you are going to start frequent consumption of this grass, it is very important to take precautions in situations such as the following:

  • Although it has a disinflamming effect, birdseed with its large amount of fiber is not recommended for people with irritable colon that can be made worse by the ingestion of these seeds.
  • While lowering blood pressure, if someone is taking medication to control this problem, it is best to check their condition because the canary seed tends to enhance its effects.
  • Anyone suffering from kidney failure should not consume birdseed milk without first consulting a doctor.
  • The same holds true for those on insulin treatment, or taking medicines to control blood sugar levels.

Far from these contraindications of birdseed, this grain is healthy and a valid alternative to have a natural diet. It is also a viable method to promote body reduction. It is a natural purifier and an important source of nutrients.

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